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About Me

Philosophy & Approach


I use a brief therapy integration of solution and emotional focused model of therapy focusing on awareness, self-responsibility and attachment issues.  My training in Family Systems means I am always thinking about your experience in the context of the family you came from, the family you are forming now, as well as your work and social groups. 


My goal is to support you in overcoming the struggles you are facing in your life and relationships.  When you enter my office, I provide a safe, private, nurturing space where you are free to explore your feelings, including past pain.  Together, we take time to face your challenges and develop coping skills to manage difficult situations, stress, anger, depression, and anxiety. 


I look to you for direct feedback to understand specific goals and assist you in creating lasting change.  I will also help you develop concrete tools, using cognitive behavioral techniques that help in decreasing anger, depression, and anxiety. 


All that is required if for you to be willing to take a chance on success

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