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Service & Fees

My fee is $140.00 per session at 50 minutes each. You will be expected to pay at each session time. I currently accept check, credit card, cash, Venmo and PayPal. 

I am not a provider for any insurance companies at this time but can create what is called a Super Bill for you at the end of each month which details the number of sessions which you can submit to your insurance company. You would pay me my full fee and then get reimbursed for part (amount varies for each insurance company) of the payment after submitting the Super Bill. Please ask your insurance company if they will reimburse for outpatient psychotherapy from a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in private practice. If yes, ask if they will accept a Super Bill completed by the therapist and then reimburse you for services.

Forms for service

Intake Form


Informed Consent



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